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Pera Textile has its own design team who closely follows all the fashion trends around the world.

As one of the best denim garment manufacturers in Turkey , we strongly believe in producing your own designs creates difference for our customers and keeps us as a leading garment manufacturer.

To follow up fashion trends our designers and marketing teams visit key markets, fairs all around the world.

We prepare our collections consist of denim garments / nondenim and poly viscon non washed garments...

Apart from seasonal collections, also each month we are creating fast fashion items. 

In addition to our own collections, we also prepare exclusive collections according to our partner brands’ inspiritions and price policy ‘ as well as according to the current needs and trends of the market. 


♦ Creating new fits

♦ 2 showrooms (women - men )

♦ Independent wash developments

♦ Each month new collections 

♦ Strong sourcing for new fabrics / trims / ideas 

♦ Sustainable washed garment collections


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