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Pera Textile is proud to lead the charge in transforming the denim industry through sustainable washing practices. By focusing on reducing water consumption, energy usage, CO2 emissions, and employing eco-friendly chemicals, we are revolutionizing denim production while prioritizing environmental stewardship. Our current projects include initiatives such as reducing washing and drying processes, recycling steam and water, utilizing laser technology for washed and bleached looks, and implementing eco-sustainable chemicals. Through innovative technologies like laser, ozone, and nano-bubble, we are achieving remarkable savings in water, chemicals, and energy, contributing to a greener planet and a more sustainable future. At Pera Textile, we are committed to driving positive change in the industry, one denim wash at a time.

Changing the denim world with SUSTAINABLE WASHING

  • by reducing the water consumption required by treating garments
  • by reducing the temperatures , required energy and co2 emissions
  • by using chemicals with lower environmental impact


What will be the current projects for denim washing?

  • Reduction of Washing and Drying Process
  • Recycling of Steam / Water
  • Create washed look over denim by laser
  • Create bleached look by wet ozone process
  • Using eco-sustainable chemicals
  • Using less water by nano-bubble technology


Eco Sustainable Chemiscals

Using these products means;

  • no heavy metals
  • no formaldehyde
  • no permanganate
  • no halogen-derivatives
  • no pumice Stones (because of the muds its generates, high transport costs, the environmental impact and tear of machinery)
  • to produce that are highly bio-degrable
  • to products with low toxicity

Technologies For Sustainable Washing

Laser Teknology

  • The laser technology is the fastest growing technique presented by many companies as a perfect replacement for traditional methods of scraping, stone washing, damaging, etc.
  • The various laser techniques available in the industry are considered a much safer, environment friendly, economical and superior technology that has advantages that offers not only aesthetic variation but also gives freedom to designers to innovate at quick speed saving critical commercial time in product development and crucial cost during production.

Ozone Teknology

This technology allows significant water and energy usage reduction. It also eliminates the need of toxic processes such as bleaching and permanganate usage. By using the air from the atmosphere, ozone machines reproduces ozone gas conditions to give garments the real look of outdoor usage.

Nano Bubble Teknology

This technology gets the air from the atmosphere and transforms it into nanobubbles.
These bubbles consume minimum proportions of water and functional elements, that are then carried on their surface, in an optimal and efficient way. With this method; we can create resin applications, bleaching, water repellency, softening, enzyme

By this method savings up to

-%95 water

-%50 chemicals

-%80 energy

Each production load water saving is 2920 lt.

Nearly %70 water saving.

We believe in green planet, therefore day by day we are growing our strength on sustainable washing.


Join us , Lets have a sustainable cooperation


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