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Best Denim Manufacturers in Turkey

Blog 9 Haziran 21

Best Denim Manufacturers in Turkey

Best Denim Manufacturers are visionary companies which concern our planet more than ever in the history. Those who suffer from the pandemic , choose comfort and healthy ways produced garments realise how important our life is… To save our healthy lifes we believe future is eco-friendly , sustainable production.

In this days when the textile industry has contracted due to not having the shops open, most of the people have started to use online channels for clothing like other industries. Still people prefer high quality denim brands that offer comfort and elegance at the same time. But on top of everything for all the next generations sake the most important subject is natüre !

All the top denim brands are fully aware of the importance of the denim jeans production in sustainable conditions, so like the top denim brands the best denim manufacturers are also aware of the importance of eco-friendly production. This is very important for all our next generations.

In the World we live in, generations who understand the importance of environmental protection more and more, prefer denim jeans that take care of both the environment and their own health while choosing products. So this approach make all the top denim brands to create garments that made from high quality denim but still eco friendly.

Comparing the past years; sustainable denim production has made a peak and day by day most ot the high quality top denim brands prefer to use re cycle or organic cotton fabrics and sustainable washing. So it looks like all the top denim industry is growing their skills according to eco-friendly production.

In United States, which is one of the countries where the denim prodcution is the most developed in the World, the rate of sustainable and organic denim production usage has increased significantly compared the last years. In the recent past years it has become possible to catch eco friendly fashion without sacrificing design and high quality, nothing had to be boring anymore, we can produce garments with sustainable way but still fancy and high quality denim jeans.

As we all remember, many years before when we produce organic garments or sustaianble washed garments there were limited options. However, sustainable industy keep growing ang growing, now all the best denim manufactures are using the latest sustainable technogoly to produce trendy denim jeans garments .

Of course this eco-friendly production journey starts from the cotton then yarn then dyes then fabrics then production stages ... This is a complete effort, starting from the raw materials. There must be a chain who attach each others, this journey must start from the raw materials, then we create a full garment made from sustainable ways.

All the fabric mills now producing high quality denim fabrics with re-cycle or organic content. When this journey started denim fabric prices were very high, during past years it become more effordable. Now as Pera Textile our %70 production is made from re-cycle or organic cotton denim fabrics.

Sustainable washing is still in growing progress.  but we belive it will keep growing, as the demand of sustainable production increases production cost will decrase, maybe in the next decade there wont be a any other washing way rather than sustainable washing. Because one of the most important element in the natüre is water ! without water there wont be a life, with sustainable washing we save remarkably water. In the World all the best denim manufacturers are making their investments accordingly.

As Pera we have been producing denim jeans made from sustainable washing in the last 5 years already… We belive in our knowledge and experience in sustainable production. Also belive in how important water is and we hope everybody believes.

Actually all the nations are aware of the how valuable our world is. Therefore all the industries must take responsibility starting from raw materials. We are actually happy to be a part of sustainable production, like all the best denim manufacturers we respect the value of our sustainable production.

Hoping that all the world will go this way, this is not only denim jeans industy or denim fabric mills. All the industries must keep up with sustainable , eco-friendly production. We are all aware of how we harm our natüre. Also have knowledge how to avoid this harm.

So we will keep producing sustainable garments, we hope all the industries also aware and take responsibility for eco-friendly production.

Join our magical world and lets have a sustainable cooperation

Pera Textile

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