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Blog 1 Eylül 21



Fashion is incomplete without denim clothing no longer. Denim has become an indispensable part of everyday life so much throughout the world today and has its moment for every generation. It has risen to be a fashion icon and is being adorned by fashion models and it has now become a symbol of moderd culture. Many of us never stop to question where our best piece of denim came from and how were manufactured.

As Pera Textile, we are very proud to be a high quality denim manufacturer and create miracle with denim.

Jeans used to come to our mind when we said denim, but recently it has been used in styles in so many different ways that it has now become indispensable for comfort and elegance in the fashion world, it can be shaped into any type of garments. Pair of jean, jacket, bags, shoes, accessories…  It cretated spaces for itselves that can be used at any time of the day by getting out of daily life.

Of course, every stage of production is valuable and our team work meticulously at every stage. But no doubt the most important part of creation of the beautiful denim style is the washing. In fact, it is something magical for us. It offers us a plain denim fabric in many different fashionable washes. Plain, vintage, colourful looks.. Washing plays such an important part in the denim chain because of the umpteen effects that the consumers are looking for on their jeans. Most of the time the result can be different and beautiful than you image.

Quality has always been our main goal in every step of our production to produce high quality denim. Our design team and marketting team follow the latest trends especially in washing, go to fairs like Première Vision and make the styles according to latest market trend to present them to our customers in our showroom. We provide service to our customer from basic washes -but made it with special small touches- to more washed styles according to  our customers’ vision. We always renew our showroom by keeping up with new trends in denim clothing with endless options for styles, washes and fits every collection/season.

Besides speaking of the production of denim, it can not be done without mentioning sustainability. Because denim production add a new dimension in recent year. The production process of denim actually is not good at all for environment that’s why denim production is being given importance in an environmentally friendly way. Recently, consumers demand is sustainability and environment-friendly solutions. According to their demands, denim sectors are working to change its sustainability and many denim manufacturing company have succeeded to produce sustainable denim. Fortunately, many denim companies today are trying to reduce these environmental consequences with their sustainable approach. Now, many manufacturers are applied various technologies to produce sustainable denim without any environment pollution. We are one of them. We are transforming our production lines and processes in line with sustainablity by using related new technologies. We provide the certificates if asked from customers. At the same time, we work with suppliers and subcontractors who integrate sustainability into production to make high quality denim.

In the meantime, the fabric suppliers have a importance role on this point. They also make the production of denim fabric and premium denim fabric collection in sustainability. The fabric manufacturers also provide related certificates for fabric manufacturing like GOTS certification for organic produced fabrics. We send these certifications to our customers for their related productions.

We will always be one of the leaders of the high quality manufacturing by making collections and productions with high quality premium fabrics and keeping up  with all the new trends and washings.

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