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Eco Friendly Denim Fashion

Blog 10 Kasım 22

Eco Friendly Denim Fashion

Turkey has a significant market share in the world denim production as it has know-how from the past and has been able to adapt to today's conditions and standards.

Other reasons for being ahead in the production of denim garments;

  • Being a quality cotton producer
  • Increasing organic cotton production for many years
  • Continuing the production process, which started with organic cotton production, under Eco-friendly conditions
  • Sustainable eco-friendly production
  • Leading the market with its design and products
  • In order not to consume limited natural resources

So how do Turkish denim manufacturers achieve this? Is it possible to produce both fashion and eco-frendly?
Only when you achieve this do you have the chance to show that you respect both your customers and nature. This brings success and leadership.

With sustainable understanding;
What about sustainable;
In the simplest sense, it is the ability of future generations to meet their own needs while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and develop.
Sustainability is based on the principle of using natural resources responsibly, without disturbing the ecosystem and polluting the environment
Sustainable understanding starting from the production of cotton; yarn and fabric must be mastered from the beginning to the last stage of production.
In fact, it should be recycled after use and reused.

Inputs should be kept to a minimum at every stage of production, and there should be no post-production waste or should be reduced to a minimum. And these should be sustainable, documentable, score-cards should be created.

As few fingerprints should be left to nature as possible…
So fashion…
Can it be ignored? While the eco-friendly approach comes to the fore…
First of all, what does Eco-friendly mean?
Eco-friendly according to the dictionary- being eco-friendly means being designed to have little or no damaging effect on the environment- Basically, it's all about doing no harm…
Use less energy – green energy
Use less natural resource
Reduce footprint
Use recycling clothes

we need to protect our planet from man-made damage…

Denim is attractive both with its eco-friendly feature while producing it and with its nature-friendly feature that it can be worn in summer and winter, as it requires less washing and does not need ironing while using.
For this reason, denim is widely used in jackets, trousers, skirts, overalls, children's clothes, maternity clothes and sportswear.
It can be collected and recycled into recycle products after use. An old trousers can be turned into shorts or more fashionable trousers. Pera Tekstil carries out the process of collecting and reviving such old products in the recycle band in its Tokat factory. For this reason, we can say that the most environmentally friendly fabric is denim.
Pera Tekstil produces eco-friendly products, makes eco-friendly dyeing, and produces fashion products with an eco-friendly approach. It does this in a sustainable way and exports to many countries of the world.

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