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How Is Denim Manufactured

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How Is Denim Manufactured

Lets give a brief information how is denim manufactured for whom is curious about this.

The history of denim started when Levi Strauss,who is from family that immigrated from Germany to United states,decided to manufacture durable and comfortable denim jeans for gold rush miners.In later times these blue jeans used by cowboys and American army.

It is known that the name of the Denim is called Serge de Nimes ,that is,the serge fabric of Nimes ,produced with wool or silk in the city of Nimes,France.And Jean is the name given to a kind of fabric obtained from % 100 cotton or linen and wool blends in the city of Genova,Italy.Both denim and Jean actually the names given to two fabrics that are manufactured in two different countries and are very similiar to each other.The only difference between them is while one of the two  threads (warp and weft thread)used in denim is colored,but both threads used in jeans are colored.When the clothing brands add jeans near to their brand then a trousers called a pair of jeans and the fabric off it called denim..And now we start to learn how is denim manufactured step by step..

If we want to clarify how is Denim manufactured it is start by dyeing the Wrap yarn with indigo dyestuff and weaving it after sizing application.Today,the dyeing process of the Wrap threads that make up the denim fabric is done with three different dyeing methods,These are,rope painting,open width painting and Looptex painting.These painting methods are different from each other both in positive and negative ways.When we checked about capacity of production we can realize that rope painting method is the most used one and also the most productive.

Although yarns dyed with indigo dyestuff are wowen with different wowen fabric weaves,classic denim fabrics are manufactured with D 2/1 Z Or d 3/1 Z twill weave,which is called gabardine.Generally,the yarns used in denim fabrics are Z twisted.The reason Right (Z) way twill weave preferred is that it stretches less.

If we look how is denim manufactured is different from other fabrics we can say that because of its indigo dyestuff.This different usually shows itself in the weaving preparation process.The yarns are dyed with indigo dyestuff in rope or warp form,sizes and sent to weaving.

Today,indigo dyestuff is produced synthetically and it enables the product dyed with this dyestuff to change color and become White with time and washing.During denim fabric manufacturing mostly open end yarn and less ring carded yarn is preferred.Also denim in which fancy and special yarns are used fabrics are available.There are different type of denim fabrics as naturel denim,antic denim ,Strech denim and Fish net denim. Ounce is used as a unit of weight for denim fabrics.One ounce is equal to 33,91 g/m2.

To manufacturer denim,in order to realize the weaving process,the Wrap threads,the same movements in accordance with the pattern report and frameworks for grouping them in order to from the forces,lamellae and comb theeth is the process of passing through.Today,there are three weft insertion system; projectile(shuttle),rapier and air jet weft insertion system.Nowadays the most denim weaving machine brands are ;Toyota,Dornier,Picanol and Itema.

How is denim  fabric manufactured after weaving? There are a number of finishing process consisting of burning,mercerization,softening,width setting,and sanforizing.In burning stage,the fabric is first brushed and it is cleaned from  the fibers and unfamiliar materials and the hairs on the fabric ,which is lifted by brush, removed by burning.

The basis of the mercerization ; cotton fabric or yarn concentrated short-term inflation in sodium hydroxide (NaOH) medium and stretch.For the cleaned fabric,depending on the natüre of the fabric type and customer demands giving softness and fullness,sewing convenience and seam slippage prevention. To prevent curvature in the knitting structure after washing,the weft is sloped while the fabric is damp.

During the finishing process,to protect the Wrap drawing standarts,the fabric that has gone through the finishing process is then maintaining the desired humidity level, the width setting is given is dried. The fabric is sanforized in preparation for after-sales use. that is, it is taken into the shrinkage process.In this process, end-use properties are provided to the product by giving a maximum pull is given. The dimensional stability of the product is adjusted and this means that your fabric is ready to manufacture for a  denim products.

Apart from all these,there is a special denim fabric which is called Selvedge denim and lets clarify how is selvedge denim manufactured.. A textile loom that uses a mechanism called a shuttle to pass threads back and forth between both sides of the loom to produce tightly woven strips of heavy fabric. The edges of these fabric strips seal themselves with a tightly woven finish resulting in self-hemmed or hemmed denim. Quality hemmed denim stands out in a sea of fast fashion options, retains its former shape better than standard denim and therefore lasts longer.

Finally,denim has been used by everyone, regardless of class or economy, since 1873.Nowadays,manufactured denim fabric is used not only for garments but also for decoration,furniture and textile.In short,it has now become an indispensable part of our lives.And as Pera Textile we can easily Show you how denim is manufactured and we really proud of being a part of this.

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